How to Install the Over the Door Airstream Light.

For starters, take the light lens off by removing the two screws.
If they are rusted you may want to use a penetrating oil to loosen them up.

The pictures are for a T10 socket. The 1156 (Ba15s) socket is almost the same.
Push in the T-10 socket and the check to make sure the light works. If it does not
take it out and turn it 180 degrees. This light is polarity dependant.

Once the light is working, put a small piece of tape (tape provided for the T10, not needed for the 1156)
where you see the red mark(above picture). This is to insure the T10 socket will stay in place.


Then push the socket up out of the way to make room for the new light. (Pictured below)

Then put the light in place to made sure you have enough room and if the socket is far enough. Also
Make sure the light is far enough inside to allow the lens to go back into place.


Now take the light back out and pull the tapes RED backing off and push upward. (see next two pictures)

Now that the light is in place, put the lens back in place.

If you don't have a lens you don't have to have one to protect the LEDs. This LED light is water tight.


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