In 2003 to 2008 Airstream went with the Star Burst light
on the Classic for the Stop Tail &Turn Lights.

The original Star Burst (above)was replaced with a hardier
second generation (below)and the LED pattern is different.
The first generation is (No Longer Available )NLA
In other words, if some of your LEDs fail on one of these STT and
you need to replace the one light, and you buy only one, your
LED pattern will be different. To have them be all the same you
will need to get all 4 STT (two per side).

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This Starburst (above) is the very same
frame size and the Bargman (below).

It is refured too as 6''x4'' but is 5-1/2to5/8'' x 4-1/4''
which is the lens measurment.


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Here is a Video that Explains the Pros and Cons
of two light options for repairing this tail light.





Bargman Came up with an Enhanced Lens
to give more pop for the incandesant.

The center part of the lens gives a stronger
light out put.

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We also have the screws for these lights if you have
lost yours or they are real rusty.

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