Around this time Airstream began to diversify on design
and features like this tail light. This tail light was offered on
some models and not on others of the same year. Like the
Classic was the first to go to the 4''x 6'' inch LED tail light
in 2003. Some models of the same year still used this light.

Below is the picture of a Tail Light from 1975 to 2002 model Airstream.
Also known as the 4.25 Monarch tail light.

If your lens measures 4.25 inches then we have
and LED upgrade that will work on your unit.
The majority of the 4.25 Monarch look like
the 3 assemblies below.

We have two LED kits that will work in these assemblies.
To be sure to get the one that is right for your unit, you
will need to look at the bulb contacts.

If your unit has two 1157s and one 1156 you need LED-kit2

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If your unit has two 1156 and one 1157 then you need LED-kit7

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We do sell the Red Stop Tail &Turn
by itself.

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Airstream, the design freaks they are, used one of the 1156 sockets
as as a Stop and Turn. (does not have the running light)
Two of the white lights will go under a RED lens and yes it
will look a little different but will work good and look good.

Also, be aware that if your lens have some age on them
they may be brittle. We do stock them.

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