Below is the picture of a Tail Light from a 69 to 74 model Airstream.

We have a Kit ( Picture Below) that has Two Reds lights(STT)
and two white lights (Back-up) two RED reflectors.
Click here to see this kit in our Web-store.


Sometimes folks don't use the back-ups, and get
2 of the Red STT
Click here to see this light in our web-store

Often times the Can is rusted out. Picture of a Can Below

If the screws holes are in good shape then
this LED kit can be used if you seal with a thin
bead of clear silicon. You will want to make sure
you do have it sealed so water will not run down
inside the wall and rot the wood floor.

VTS has the cans. Click here to see it.

Replacing the cans is a very hard install as the whole
casting has to come off. Most of the times this is
only done when the inside is gutted and the
back of the casting is easy to get to.

We do have hardy 1157 socket

And a 1156 Socket

The 1156 and 1157 socket measures the same.

Please note, if you want to use the
"seal and no can replacement"
idea you CAN NOT cut the socket off
and straight wire the lights.
The sockets have to be in line.
You can solder your wires to the socket.

Below is a picture of how a 1157 socket is wired.








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